week 12-13-14-15- Introduction to Physical Computing

Physical computing is the use of hardware and software to build devices that can interact with the world. This involves the use of electronic input and output devices and micro controller with associated software. What actually is a micro controller ? A micro controller is a small computer on a chip. it consist of a… Continue reading week 12-13-14-15- Introduction to Physical Computing

Week 17-18 Media and Marketing

Media Media are channels through which news, entertainment, data as well as promotional messages are broadcasted and disseminated. Media may include every broadcasting medium such as newspaper, TV,magazines, radio, telephone and internet. Multimedia Multimedia is any collection of data including text or graphic. it also consist of images, audio and video for processing or interacting… Continue reading Week 17-18 Media and Marketing

Week 20-21- Concept Learning

The lecture of concept learning consisted of machine learning, concept and decision tree learning, classicication algorithm, state space search, breath first search and depth first search. Machine learning is an area of artificial intelligence concerning development of computational theories of learning processes and building machine that learn. Concept and Decision Tree Learning Concept learning systems… Continue reading Week 20-21- Concept Learning

Week 20-21 – Recommender system

What are Recommender systems? Recommender systems are software that elicit interest and preferences according to customers needs as well as make recommendations accordingly. These system have the potential to support and improve decisions of customers while searching and selecting products on an online shopping platform for example. you may wonder what a recommender system is… Continue reading Week 20-21 – Recommender system

Week 19 – Standardization, Standards, Innovation

We might often ask ourselves what standards really are. Existing in different form , standard is a document approved by a recognized body and established by a consensus which provide common and repeated use for activities aimed for achievement of an optimum degree. What are the types of standards? Standards exist in different levels. the… Continue reading Week 19 – Standardization, Standards, Innovation

Week 5-6-7 – Itx1000- Virtual Environment

A virtual world is a computer generated environment. virtual world makes us interact and navigate through different aspect of a virtual environment. there are many places where virtual environment are used. some example can be pilot training as well as gaming. Virtual reality is based on a real time simulation allowing us to interact based… Continue reading Week 5-6-7 – Itx1000- Virtual Environment